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Our Services

Atlantis Mining's services include the following:


• Assistance to the client during the feasibility study and mining right application phase.


• Assistance in mining planning, including mine layout, strip planning, production scheduling and sales planning.


• When it comes to the physical extraction or mining of the coal, Atlantis Mining owns, supplies, operates and maintains equipment to provide for the following activities:




    a. Topsoil removal to stock pile during the box cutting / mine development phase.


    b. Removal of soft overburden to stockpile during box cutting phase.


    c. Drilling and blasting of hard overburden.  This is done by means of a contractor employed and paid for by Atlantis Mining.


    d. Removal of blasted hard overburden to stockpile during the box cutting phase.


    e. Drilling and blasting of coal and any in-seam parting that may be present within the coal seam.


   f. Selective mining of the coal seam and delivery of coal to a “run of mine” stockpile area.  Removal of any parting within the coal seam is done during this operation.


    g. Development of the mine after the box cutting phase into a steady state pit allowing for constant coal production at the required monthly production rate.


    h. Carry out rehabilitation during the strip mining phase to levels provided for in the environmental management program.


    i.  Closure of the final void after completion of all mining activities.


    j.  Contouring of rehabilitated area in order to ensure the area is free draining.


    k. Grassing and seeding of rehabilitation area.  This is done by means of a contractor.



Further to this, Atlantis would also be responsible for road maintenance including dust allayment, providing generators for

in-pit lighting and power for on-site offices, as well as providing said offices and workshop facilities.