Mining Excellence......Total Professionalism.........Highest Quality Service

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Atlantis Mining is committed to:

a. Client Service Excellence

     With our drive to go the extra mile to ensure all our clients' needs are met and that all expectations are delivered.



b. Highest Quality Service

    With our highly skilled miners and hands-on management approach, we ensure the highest quality service.



c. Professionalism

    With the highest standard of workmanship and perfectionism.



d. Hands-on Management

    Atlantis Mining takes pride in the fact that its Managing Director, Mark Johnstone, along with highly trained senior personnel, adopt a complete "hands-on" approach to all assignments undertaken by the company.  Mark personally supervises,

    co-ordinates and monitors all equipment and operations, in order to maximise productive output and attain the highest level of customer satisfaction.



e. Safety

    With our state of the art technology and equipment, together with highly skilled personnel, we always ensure the most stringent policies enhancing the highest proficiency of safety in all respects.



f. Optimal Productivity

   With our highly skilled personnel, variety of equipment and state of the art technology, we pride ourselves in limiting "downtime" and so excelling in production.



g. After Sales Support

    With our professional service and sound ethics, we always ensure all clients value added service excellence in all respects of work done by us.



h. Commitment to Local Communities

   We are a proud member of the Middelburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry and as such, contribute to local business upliftment, with an added focus of uplifting the previously disadvantaged communities.



i. Black Economic Empowerment (BEE)

   We are committed to Economic Transformation by contributing significantly towards the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment

   (B-BBEE) elements of "Enterprise Development" and "Socio-Economic Development" in the local community, to uplift the previously disadvantaged.